Wanna FREE Ticket to the #140Conf in NYC?

Wanna FREE Ticket to the #140Conf in NYC?

By: Shelly Kramer
April 15, 2010

#140 Conf NYC, Exploring the State of Now

Good. I’ve got your attention. I’m a big fan of Jeff Pulver and his 140 Characters Conferences which are all about Exploring the State of Now. I was planning on attending this coming week’s #140Conf event in New York City and very much looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I can’t make it. Here’s your chance.

Instead of selling my ticket (Disclosure: $140 value), I want to give it away. There’s a catch. But it’s an easy one. You’ve gotta want it. And you’ve gotta earn it.

Want my ticket? It’s yours. Just tell me why I should give it to you in the comments section of this post (and what a perfect time to subscribe to the bloggy-blog-blog, if you’ve not yet done that) (I’m nothing if not subtle). Make it pithy. Make it funny. Make it desperate. Make it sappy. I don’t care what strategy you use. I want a bonafide, put your thinking cap on, how am I gonna win this gal over kind of pitch. And, for the record, I’m not saying that what you spin has to be the truth, peeps, it just has to be good.

The conference is 4/20-21 and you can see the schedule, as well as the amazing speakers that Pulver has lined up, and follow the #140conf NYC 2010 Speaker list on Twitter, too.

C’mon. Have you got it in you? Oh, and I’m the democratic sort. I’ll definitely ask my wacky group of friends to weigh in on this. But the final decision rests with me. And, in just this one instance, I’ll refrain from being swayable (it’s a word if I say it is) by bribery. Wordsmithery and strategy are the two things that are going to win this one. Oh, and make it quick, as I’ll make my decision and notify the winner by 9pm CST on Sunday evening, April 18th.

What are you waiting for …. get busy!! Don’t disappoint me, either ….

  • Lisa HJ

    I'm a character who doesn't have an extra $140 to go to the 140. < Winner!

  • http://twitter.com/etjasoftoday Elizabeth T. Jones

    The Twittersphere shares in person! Exploring the State of Now in 140 Characters – @whitjones from the Energy Action Coalition is speaking about the climate talks in Copenhagen #140Conf along with @MCHammer @Randazzoj

  • http://twitter.com/mombizcoach Lara Galloway

    Yes–I want a free ticket to the #140Conf. And I want a babysitter who likes 3, 5 and 7-year-olds. And I need a plane ticket. While you're at it, I need a family manager/organizer type who can rearrange my schedule and get me out of all the commitments I have for the middle of next week as a busy mompreneur with three kids who lives in Windsor, Canada. In fact, I really need a wife.

    No, don't give the ticket to me if you can't deliver all the rest.

    It's all or nothin', Babe.

  • http://www.twitter.com/feedtheteacher Giselle Santos

    As desperate as I am to attend even if I started walking right now, I guess I wouldn't be able to make to New York in time for the conference. But if you happen to have another friend who is giving away a free ticket from Brazil to New York count me in…I will represent all the ones who would like to attend but can't.

  • http://abbyandizzysmom.blogspot.com erin

    I would love to go, but alas I have no buisness attending such things! But I will help spread the word!
    Maybe some day I'll be smart enough, hip enough, and my kids will be old enough so that I can take off to something cool like this on short notice. Very cool to be giving away your tickets, though.

  • http://twitter.com/lynnuzzo Lynn Uzzo

    Sounds fun, entertaining & informative. I would love a chance to go. I already live in New York, Brooklyn to be more specific. What a wonderful opportunity.

  • david

    I'm not even sure what the 140 thingy is.. but it would be great to win!
    ..I think.. well always great to win.. but I can't go.. maybe winning not so good.. errrr

  • http://twitter.com/sanjspatel Sanjay Patel

    I'd love to win this ticket. I'm often the behind-the-scenes guy at Epic Change & TweetsGiving. I'd love to be able to step out from behind the screen and be there at #140conf when my buds @StaceyMonk, @ajleon & @melissaleon share our story of @MamaLucy and the #twitterkids of Tanzania. If I win, they win, because I'll be able to help amplify their voices to the #140conf community. Plus, as a guy who's volunteering full-time to build a nonprofit, funds are tight, and opportunities like this few – Fingers crossed!!

  • ShellyKramer

    LOL … you shoulda said “winner, winner chicken dinner” Lisa … that might've clinched it!

  • http://twitter.com/McMedia Sandi McKenna

    First, I'm going to be in New York next week, so the timing is PERFECT! I'll be meeting with a lot of my Twitter friends for the first time IRL. I am also interested in learning more about Social Media for Social Good one of the panels at the 140 conf…. In addition I'll write/blog/vlog/tweet about the experience and share it on the MidLife Road Trip web site! I'm not too good at bribing, but I'm a good person, with a good heart who enjoys learning, meeting new people and enjoying the lighter side of life! Damn, that sounded more like an ad for eHarmony than a pitch for a ticket to the 140!

  • annaobrien

    Several reason you should give me the ticket ( in no specific order):

    1. I'm fabulously good looking and we all known good looking people generally win things. Stick with the status quo.
    2. In my free time I run a SM charity (140Sweets.org).We use twitter and other social channels to get people to attend events that sell cupcakes. All proceeds go to the charity and all cupcakes are donated through crowd-sourcing. This is new way of doing charity events and we've been able to work with some great charities. The next event (May 4th) is to support Autism Speaks. This would be a great place to network and share what we've been up to. We've been funneling all we have into getting this venture up and running recently (including, time, money, patience, sanity, and general hotnessl). If you think that I am not deserving, please just let one of our other founders go. @passionmd & @limespark perhaps deserve it more than me. They have been diligently taking on tasks such as graphic design and party planning that are not in their general repertoire &, if I say so myself, doing a kick A job at it. Plus if you give one of us the tickets, it's likely we'll bring cupcakes *justsayin. ( have no fear @passionmd @limespark exude similar levels of hotness as myself & are guaranteed to make the temperatures rise- @sarahcaminker can confirm all of this )
    3. I guarantee at least one dance off will occur. I do have a unicorn hat on my desk that is just begging to be brought out for fierce competition
    4. Im really good at building people's ego, I'll be impressed by every person I meet and encourage them by saying, “Oh wow I read your tweets- you're so inspiring”, “When I am sad I read your tweets, because they really motivate me to be a better person”, “When I grow up I want to be you, except you know female with hair and stuff”. People will love me.
    5. I'd make a good you http://tweetphoto.com/18657837
    6. Let's be honest at the end of the day you know you want to. Can you say no to this face? http://bit.ly/b21Dta

  • ShellyKramer

    I love this pitch, Anna. And, of course, am not surprised – you're quite the
    talented wench, you know.

    Excellent work.

    Oh, the pressure. I've got people Facebooking me their fanciful stories,
    Posterousing me their passionate pleas and Disqusing me their discourses.

    But, I'll have to decide by the published time tomorrow evening….so stay

  • onsip

    Who won?? We're going to the #140conf http://bit.ly/cFaTQe

  • ShellyKramer

    Hi Nicole,

    The lovely @AnnaOBrien and her argument were simply irresistible. She's the
    winner, winner, chicken dinner!