YouTube Tops Networks Primetime Audience and Daily Internet Facts: Why Social Media Matters

YouTube Tops Networks Primetime Audience and Daily Internet Facts: Why Social Media Matters

By: Michelle Lamar
May 18, 2010

Wired reports that YouTube’s viewership now exceeds that of the “Big Three” TV Networks combined during their primetime evening time slot, with more than 2 billion views per day.

Keep in mind: YouTube’s audience statistics are from worldwide views, while ABC, CBS and NBC audience numbers are only from the United States. The bigger picture is that the future tipping point is coming.  The major networks have dreaded the day when the web could overtake TV to become the way we watch TV.

As Shelly pointed out in an earlier post today, the growth of social media and the world wide web is amazing.  If Gary Hayes Social Media Count doesn’t convince you, maybe some of these numbers will.

Everyday on the Internet

  • 210 billion emails are sent  – which is more than a years worth of letter mail in the United States
  • 700,000 new members are added to Facebook members  – that is the approx size of the country of Guyana
  • 45 million status updates on being posted on Facebook
  • 5 million Tweets
  • Bloggers post 900,000 new articles– that’s enough posts to fill the New York Times for 19 years.


Still think social media is a fad?

  • Cherry Woodburn

    Those numbers are amazing. I have a long way to go with social media but am so glad I've been pretty actively involved so a bunch of months now. It 's the video where I really have to get moving. I need to become a youtube wunderkind. Thanks Michelle for the info. Cherry

  • Erroin Martin

    It is amazing how much is viewed on YouTube when most of the videos are ten minutes or less. There is some amazingly creative items on there as well. There is a lot of return in social media for a little investment of time.

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