iPhone 4 Disaster: From Bad to Epic

iPhone 4 Disaster: From Bad to Epic

By: Shelly Kramer
June 16, 2010

Much Coveted But Unavailable iPhone 4

Yesterday’s airwaves were filled with the angst of eager Apple iPhone 4 enthusiasts over the massive cluster-you-know-what that the preorder day turned out to be.

Both AT&T’s and Apple’s servers collapsed, there were reports of multiple incorrect orders, stores closing because they couldn’t handle the strain and — horror of all horrors — staffers in some areas who were forced to resort to pen and paper (gasp) to take orders old-style.

According to today’s Gizmodo, it’s even more of a disaster than originally suspected. Reports have surfaced of credit card information mistakenly applied to the wrong customers, and what is perhaps a serious breach of customers’ private information.

It’s no wonder that Apple is reporting the iPhone 4 as already sold out when some customers are reporting receiving emails confirming duplicate – sometimes even triplicate – orders. As reported by PC World, it was the largest number of preorders ever taken in a single day and, clearly, both Apple and its retail partners were unprepared and overwhelmed.

Concerning the privacy issues, AT&T issued a statement today acknowledging the glitches but claims they were unable to replicate them, but Gizmodo had no shortage of readers willing to share their horror stories. Add to that the recent uproar about last week’s iPad security breach and the public exposure of over 100,000 email addresses, and AT&T has no shortage of unhappy customers.

AT&T suspended additional preorders today, citing record demand, and Apple apologized for the problems customers and prospective customers experienced amidst the turmoil yesterday. And that’s not all – according to Gizmodo, many of the users who ordered yesterday have received emails advising they will not receive their phones on June 24th as originally promised, with some even being pushed back as far as July 14th. And there’s always the unlucky others who have inexplicably had their orders cancelled, and are forced to order again, when permitted.

Can it really be the case that Apple didn’t expect this kind of interest in its newest device? Seems crazy to me. But then, I’m the kind who likes to under promise and over deliver.

Bottom line, if you think you’ve preordered an iPhone 4, don’t count on it until you get it.

Got any horror stories of your own to share? Would love to hear them.

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  • Shelly Kramer

    Hey Derrick,

    That’s the nice thing about an “accident” like that – they are easy to get rid of. Still shouldn’t happen though – and that’s what’s frustrating. Thanks for stopping by – and for making time to comment – always appreciated!!

  • when I ordered the iPad 3G I ended up with two identical orders – although only one confirmation (yes they hit my card twice) fortunately I was able to sell that second one within seconds of receiving it.

  • Shelly Kramer

    Exactamundio. My daughter’s company, just coming off a recession and massive layoffs, etc., ordered some 300+ for all their staffers. Seems a bit premature – and craaaazy. Oh well – such is life.

  • Shortage=unhappy customers, shortage caused by over ordering also = happy and rich execs