It’s Official: I’ve Become My Mother

It’s Official: I’ve Become My Mother

By: Shelly Kramer
June 27, 2010

It's Official: I've Become My Mother. Aack!!

I love information. I’ll admit it. I’m an addict and a user. My mother, God love her, routinely clips articles from the daily newspaper that she thinks I’ll find interesting and mails them to me from her idyllic home in south Florida. Sometimes she even sends me crossword puzzles that she’s clipped, copied, and is sharing with me to ensure that I don’t miss out on a single one. And so, I blame her for this addiction to information and the quest for knowledge that so consumes me. Even worse, as an accompaniment to the addiction, is a need to share that veritable treasure trove of information that I come across on a daily basis with others. Annoying, I know, but surely now that you know I can’t help myself, you’ll realize that it’s best to just shut up and deal.

And now, I’ve found an even better outlet than sending 50 different emails to 50 different friends containing what is no doubt information that they can’t live without. And this is it. You guessed it – this post will now be a weekly feature intended to share with you the handful of items that I found the most compelling this week. Without further ado—here goes:

Twilight Fever Still Abounds

There’s nothing like the mention of the Twilight series to bring rabid fans out in droves. This week was no different. My partner in crime, the lovely Michelle Lamar, is one of those rabid fans and can always be found at the forefront of the Twilight goings on. In fact, she developed a quiz to help you see what your level of addiction is. Go ahead, you vampire nutballs, take the quiz, I dare you.

Geek News

The Geekazoid in me loves the fact that Google has launched its developer resource site for HTML5. I work with creative teams and developers on a daily basis and am constantly in the middle of the ongoing Apple v. Adobe battle, so I’m more than a little interested in how this will all play out. You can see the full story “Google Launches HTML5 developer site,” as originally published by InfoWorld and also read how HTML5 will change the web.

My iEnvy for the iPhone 4

It would be impossible to ignore that the much-heralded iPhone 4 is out and now in the hands of many an excited technonerd. I do not have one. I want one. The fact that I have a less than year old MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iPod Touch and an iPod Nano do not dispel the iEnvy that I feel. I really, really, really, really want one. Suffice it to say that a contract that has yet to expire and a desire to keep my gadgetophile nature in check has precluded me (as of this moment anyway) from purchasing an iPhone 4. There are no promises as to what next week will bring.

Here are some great customer reviews on the object of my gadget lust, written by Gizmodo readers who are, at a minimum, at least as geeky as I am. Whether you have one or not, you’ll probably enjoy these.

The Tragedy in the Gulf – Raining Oil and Dead Cleanup Crews

I thought I’d seen the worst news of the week when I read about it raining oil in New Orleans. Then, I saw CNN’s report yesterday about the fact that almost all of the crew responsible for the clean up of the Exxon Valdez spill are now dead – after an average life expectancy of 51. Add to that the fact that BP is using the same kind of dispersant in the Gulf and I wanted to go stick my head in the toilet and retch.

Kudos to Top Chef Susan Spicer for Taking a Stand

And, as a reminder that fishermen and beaches and inhabitants being rained on by oil aren’t the only ones suffering in the Gulf, I was inspired to read the news of Top Chef Susan Spicer’s filing of a class action lawsuit against BP. Her suit alleges that her restaurant, Bayona, as well as other restaurants and others in the seafood industry have suffered damage since the explosion of the drilling rig and that they are entitled to compensation. I think she’s right and it will be interesting to see how far reaching the courts find the impact of this spill to be and, ultimately, how much responsibility they require BP to take.

I loved watching Susan compete on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters series – she is spunky, talented and clearly devoted to the city she loves.

Diesel Cam Brings Facebook to the Dressing Room

I really loved this overview from my friends at T2 + Back Alley Films about how Diesel is using integrated experience design to make the shopping experience a social experience. I think it’s nothing short of brilliant and that we’ll soon see more and more of this.

That’s it. All the news that really captured my attention this week – the good, the geeky, the bad, the really bad, the tough as nails “we’re not gonna take this” actions of a chef like Susan Feniger and the act of a brand that’s paying attention to what’s transpiring in the world and making an effort to connect in a more authentic way with its customers.

Hopefully you’ll think these pieces are as interesting as I did. Can’t wait to see what happens next week—and to share it with you!

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  • Sounds like you owe your mother a big thank you! Interestingly enough “your thirst for knowledge, and need to share this knowledge” makes me think of the Google Vs. Bing approach to internet knowledge (follow link to see You Tube video…). You know the Bing commericals depicting everyone as a human Britanica spewing forth what seems to be hundreds of thousands of megabites of information. Then Bing “graciously” comes along, takes away our right to know, our right to thrist for knowledge, and our right to decide by becoming the first “decision engine”. The moment I saw that commercial, I thought, why? why Microsoft? would I want something that limits my knowledge, I scour the internet because I want to know, I respect the people who retain infromation and enlighten me. So here's to you Ms. Kramer, let your thirst for knoweldge never quench, Hope you never get BINGed by Microsoft.

  • ShellyKramer

    I do owe her a big thank you, Sam – and totally agree with you. And no worries, I shall never be BINGed by Microsoft … and know that I'll be in good company!!! Thanks for always coming by.

  • mmangen

    Shelly – love this idea! 🙂

  • I love it!! I don't think I would ever admit it!! LOL but thank you for sharing this great information and at least being like your mother brings out the intellect in you! Great Blog 😉

  • This is one of the things I love best about you. You're a fund of useful, interesting, varying information and tidbits. It's super.

    I did not know what Susan Spicer was doing, but I'm glad. She's amazing and perhaps others will follow her lead.

  • ShellyKramer

    Thanks Erin. Where's your doggone Gravatar, girrrrlie? I love what Susan Spicer is doing – and glad she stepped out there on the limb. Maybe it will help other small biz owners in the process.

  • ShellyKramer

    Thanks Francis. I'm officially old enough that I can no longer deny that I'm quite like my wacky mom. Oh well, she's a pretty amazing role model, so I won't complain too much! Thanks for stopping by – and for your kudos.

  • ShellyKramer

    Thanks, MM. Always a better day when I see your smiling face!!

  • Shelly – You may have become your mother, but you sure do resemble mine – bless her departed soul – she would send reams of clippings to me as I lived and moved around this happy world of ours in far-away lands. Thanks for sharing these pieces.
    All the best,