4th of July: Kramerita Recipe, Margarita at Girl Scout Camp, ‘David at the Dentist’ Earns $150K?

4th of July: Kramerita Recipe, Margarita at Girl Scout Camp, ‘David at the Dentist’ Earns $150K?

By: Michelle Lamar
July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July weekend! In honor of “America’s Birthday” we’re doing a 4th of July link fest for your reading pleasure.

First of all, I have to brag on my partner in crime, the fabulous Shelly Kramer. Did you know she has a margarita named after her? THAT is rock star cool, especially if you are a margarita drinker like me!

Dig if you will, the famous Kramerita recipe from @shellykramer.

This week on the Cozi blog, Live Simply, I shared one of the reasons my daughter doesn’t go to Girl Scout camp.  Go to Live Simply to read why I think of my daughter every time I order a Margarita.

Mashable has a great post today on the Top 10 Geekiest Marriage Proposals!

Over on Huffington Post, Dr. Jon LaPook gives tips for food safety over the July 4th holiday.  Read LaPook’s post, How to Survive the July 4th Barbeque.

The viral You Tube hit, David at the Dentist, has made David DeVores family a cool $150,000! According to Business Insider, the DeVores family has earned close to $150,000 since January 30, 2009 – when young David’s father, also named David, uploaded the video of his son onto YouTube. You can watch the hilarious video of little David coming home from the dentist at the end of the post.

Finally, be careful this weekend. The Fourth of July is a dangerous time on the road as well as a tough day for people who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction issues. This holiday is one of the top relapse days for recovering alcoholics and drug users.  Our new client, Turning Point Recovery Services taught us that.

Happy Fourth of July!

David at the Dentist