Want to Vlog? Steve Garfield is Your Guy

Want to Vlog? Steve Garfield is Your Guy

By: Shelly Kramer
July 29, 2010

Steve Garfield's 'Get Seen'

I have been vocal about my resolve to integrate video into my blogging efforts and the last time I wrote about this quest, many of you were, too. I met Steve Garfield last year at Jeff Pulver’s 140Characters Conference in LA and we’ve been friends ever since. Mostly (private joke). Oh, and when Newsweek calls a guy “one of the web’s more beloved video bloggers,” I’m thinking that I’m not the only one who thinks he’s peachy.

Steve’s new book ‘Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business’ recently came out and if, like me, you want to do more with video, you need to quit fooling around, buy the book and dive in.

Garfield’s book is filled with tips and information that is valuable to both veterans in the world of video and newbies like me. And, for marketing your small business online, there’s really not a better tool out there. It’s down-to-earth, easy to digest and a quick read. I’m not done with it yet, and when I am, I’ll write more. What I can tell you is that it contains tips and tactics on subjects like what cameras to buy, best practices when it comes to lighting, recording and shooting and editing (which was the hardest part for me), and much, much more. Trust me on this one. Follow Steve on Twitter, buy his book, once you buy it read it (always the hard part for me!) and get going.

And my own personal message when it comes to vlogging – get over being perfect. Few of us are perfect in real life, so why expect that you will be on video? My necklace is crooked, my hair could always use a good brushing, and I’ll always look and sound goofy. But then, aren’t we all our own harshest critics? So get over that, buy Steve’s book, read it and send us both a link to your first vlog post – I can’t wait!

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  • Thanks for the post SHELLY KRAMER! 😉

    I'm so happy that you like the book and took the time to post about it and record a video. You really touch on the main theme of the book, that it's ok to record and post casual videos. Enjoy the rest of the book.

    All your readers are invited to come over the the book site on Facebook. Share your videos on the wall and ask whatever video questions you have.



  • ShellyKramer

    You, my friend, are most welcome! And I know you laughed at my private joke :))) Really do love the book!!!

  • So excited you are doing more video!! You know I'm a fan (of YOU and vlogging!)

  • Jonathand Mast

    Plus I like to watch the vid so I can put a voice in my head (well there are lots of voices) but anyway your voice so it makes your written word even more personal. Good stuff.

  • I'm so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.

  • ShellyKramer

    Thanks so much … you're the bestest! Come back any time :))

  • ShellyKramer

    I love the voices in my head, Jonathan .. made even better by the fact that they're often singing. Off key. Can't wait to see you and reconnect at lunch manana.

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