New Google Features, Social Media Use Up 43 Percent?

New Google Features, Social Media Use Up 43 Percent?

By: Michelle Lamar
August 3, 2010

Google has made it possible for you to sign in to more than one Google account at a time!  According to Mashable, the Google multiple account sign-in feature has been tested for weeks but it is now publicly available.  To turn this feature on, you need to go to the Google Accounts page and enable multiple sign-in (it’s turned off by default).

Mashable also has posted a list of 100 Upcoming Social Media Tech Events. Very handy.

Nielsen Online reports that social media is taking up more of our time!  Shocker.  According to the latest report released yesterday by Nielsen:

  • Americans are changing their Internet usage habits,  spending a bulk of their time on social networks such as Facebook
  • Americans increased time spent on social networks.  Time spent on social networks grew 43 percent from last year
  • We spent a total of 22.7 percent of our time on social networks
  • Americans are watching more online video/movies and online games–both saw double-digit gains
  • Online video/movies increased 12 percent
  • Online game use grew 10 percent

Go to Nielsen Online to read the entire report.