OK Go. Smart AND Using Their Power For Good

OK Go. Smart AND Using Their Power For Good

By: Shelly Kramer
September 21, 2010

OK Go With Friends

I’m addicted to OK Go, I’ll just admit that right up front. I like their music, I like their movies, I like their style. Oh, and I love the marketing magic they so adeptly employ.

Yesterday, when I saw that they were releasing their new song, I scooted over to YouTube to check it out and it had a paltry 312 views. As usual, I got distracted and had to dash away before I could actually watch the video. 87 tabs and a full day later, Chrome reminded me what I had found interesting the day before. And OK Go was still there, waiting patiently for my attention. Oh, and in the space of that 20 hours or so, the 312 views had grown to well over a million. Imagine that.

And, of course, I loved the video. The simplicity. The white. The dogs. The cleverness. But they didn’t stop there. OK Go roped me in with a call to action. I’m an over the top dog lover, I clicked over to the dogs page and saw their call to action on behalf of the ASPCA and animal rescue. Approve. Cause marketing at its best.

In fact, there’s so many things they do right, it just makes me like them even more. I don’t know if they think all this stuff up themselves, or if they have some brilliant, (and naturally overpriced) marketing firm behind their efforts. But whomever is responsible is totally kicking it in the you-know-what. Want to pre-order the video? Sure. Want to get the super-duper video package? Sure. Want to see us on Leno? Tonight. Want to participate in the White Knuckles Remix Contest? Great. You have until October 14th. Follow us on Twitter and see that we not only have a presence there, we actually talk with people. Dude! Imagine that. And while you’re trolling our Twitter stream, wanna know how we pulled off the choreography with a bunch of dogs? Read about it here. These guy are awesome.

A well-designed yet simple website. Social media marketing tactics nicely employed and the site is filled with all the right information. Connecting with the band is easy and, as my friend Liz Strauss likes to say, irresistible. For media. For tour information. For fans. And even for over the top fans who want behind the scenes information on the still famous Rube Goldberg machine. Seriously, I can’t find anything they do that doesn’t rock. And my nerdy marketing brain loves that. Maybe you will, too. If not, maybe you’ll just like the video.

  • OK, crazy in love with this video. And PUPPEHS!

  • ShellyKramer

    Knew. You. Would. Be. Puppehs rocketh.

  • Sophielhoste

    I don't like their music but the visuals are very clever and appealing. I tend to be more visual than audio generally.

  • Alex

    Yeah, they're alright.

  • ShellyKramer

    Alex, they are so literally <joke> more than “alright.” #nimrod</joke>