Sneak Peek: Social Media for Business

Sneak Peek: Social Media for Business

By: Shelly Kramer
October 12, 2010

Geeky Social Media Girls

I’m doing a webinar series with my smart and sassy friend, Erika Napoletano, Head Redhead at Redhead Writing. And yes, we are the geeky girls you might not have paid attention to in high school. But all that’s changed now. We’ve got the goods. And how.

And we’re partnering with our friends at iThinkBigger and we aim to deliver to small business owners, Marketers and PR pros more tips, tools and information than they can shake a stick at. Never mind put to good use right away in their businesses or for their clients.

If we could show you a way to get your brand to listen, hear, connect with your customers and build a group of people who will share your brand message for you – would you listen?

There are no strings. No easy monthly payments of $29.99. No books to read or crap to wade through. No Ginsu knives and no spam in your inbox. Just relevant information, served up in an easy to understand format, with instantly implementable solutions for you and your business or clients.

Just a single webinar that will let you know if you’re ready to work smarter instead of harder.

Join us this Friday at 3pm EST/2pm CST/1pm MST/12 noon PST for a complimentary Sneak Peek Webinar on how your business can use social media effectively and with REAL results.

In this no-fluff session, you’ll learn:

* Resources you can use TODAY to improve your ROI on Twitter
* How to identify influencers on Twitter and bring them into your circle
* The importance of inbound marketing techniques to your business
* Five simple, yet startling statistics that mean your current marketing techniques are most likely not working. In our world on Planet Geek, we call that a FAIL.

It’s free – you have nothing to lose. We don’t waste anyone’s time by teaching sessions we wouldn’t attend ourselves.

Register today.

Interested in the entire Social Media for Business series? Click here to learn more about the sessions. Early bird pricing is in effect until 10/14, so get on it.

Erika and I are pretty well known for being gals who don’t tolerate much BS and who tell it like it is. In this webinar series, we’ve done the work for you, and all you need to do is participate, get the information you need to fast track your social media efforts, and thank us when it works (and it will) by sending lots and lots of Red Velvet Cupcakes.

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    I will be there very excited…..

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    So glad …. looking forward to it, tootsie.

  • This is pretty sweet, just added it to my Remember the Milk. Baring a small business situation I will be in attendance 🙂

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  • Wait…what? Red velvet cupcakes? I'm so there!

  • For useful info and no BS, there couldn't be a better person to deliver!

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