Get Rid of Facebook Theater View on Pictures

Get Rid of Facebook Theater View on Pictures

By: Michelle Mangen
February 20, 2011

Recent Facebook changes have resulted in pictures being displayed in theater mode. New things can be good but for some of us we prefer to see the pictures in the old format and without the pop-up window. So how do we disable the Facebook photo theater view?

This is my nieces’ new dog, Oreo (isn’t she cute?)

Facebook Photo Theater Mode

Old school users may want to view Oreo in the old format

Facebook Old Photo Viewer

Thanks to all those geeky minds who develop Firefox Add-Ons and Chrome Extensions it’s actually incredibly easy.

Using Firefox Add-ons to turn off theater view is a two step process using the following scripts

  1. Install the Greasemonkey Add-On (and restart Firefox)
  2. Install Facebook Photo Theater Killer Add-On (and restart Firefox)

Using the Chrome Extension, Old FB Album, is just a one step process and when I added it I didn’t even need to re-start my browser in order for it to take effect.

There are apparently some other Chrome Extensions but I haven’t tested any of them. Here are some of the other choices.

Since I’m a PC user  if you know how to do this in Safari please comment below.

  • Aww, I like Safari more than Firefox but I will use Firefox just for Facebook in order to do this. Thanks for this tip, appreciated.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this. It is something they should have given each user the option to decide before forcing it on everyone.

  • fat kid suit

    sweet. thanks SO much!!!

  • Trudy – someone commented on Facebook that you can just hit refresh and it will revert back. I haven’t tested that yet but you may want to see if that works on Safari.

  • Dayngr

    Refreshing the photo does revert back to the old format (not sure if this is a glitch that FB will eventually fix). I tried it on Firefox and on Chrome – works great!

  • Can’t thank you enough. I was really missing Facebook’s old photo format. Awesome!

  • Mary_tp00

    Hi there, TY so much…
    Any tips for IE users??

  • Nagnalla

    All you guys are Dumb, One can get rid of it just by deleting &theater in the url and press enter. thats it

  • Mary – sorry for the delay in responding to you. Someone else told me that you can hit “refresh” on your browser and it goes back to old view (that did work for me in both Chrome and Firefox…so here’s to hoping it works in IE)

  • Dayngr – thanks for replying RE the refresh tip. I love the power of a community!

  • As with most software as things change …not everyone is always happy with the changes. And then we have those creative geeks that love to figure out ways to get back what so many of us have gotten comfortable with.

  • “dumb” comment aside deleting off @theater in the URL does indeed work too. Thanks for the tip.

  • Vickie

    also pressing F5 will work for me, I use Firefox

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  • I hate it! It’s slower… what’s the value add here?