How NOT to be Invisible on the New Facebook Newsfeed

How NOT to be Invisible on the New Facebook Newsfeed

By: Shelly Kramer
February 13, 2011

The Invisible Man

Feeling as if your Facebook Newsfeed is filled with updates from all the same people lately? You’re not crazy – well, at least with regard to this issue.

Facebook has once again changed the game on us and, as a result, it’s likely that your settings are such that only a small section of your friends are seeing your updates, photos, links, etc.

And dudes, the Farmville fanatics are about to jump off the barn! Can’t have that, now can we?

The latest round of Facebook changes impacts the Newsfeed. The default setting is set to show posts only from people with whom you’ve interacted recently and/or interacted the most with.

This is true on both business and personal pages and it’s very likely that if one of your friends or business fans hasn’t liked or commented on one of your posts in the last couple of weeks … well, you’ve probably got the invisible suit on. And their feeds are likely invisible to you as well. Super! We love you, Facebook.

Thankfully, unlike the new Pages design that so many are lamenting (we don’t hate it so much), there’s a fix. And it’s super easy. Here’s what you do:

Scroll down to the bottom of the Newsfeed, located on the Home Page and click on “Edit Options.” Select “Show Posts From” and select the setting “All Of Your Friends And Pages.”

Facebook News Feed Image

We’ve not yet discovered the fix for Business Pages but as soon as we do, will update this post. Or, if you’re reading this and have discovered a business page fix, please let us know in the comments section.

Now go on with your bad selves and do something useful. Until, of course, the next Facebook change that gets us all in an uproar.

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  • I was wondering where some of my friends went!

  • Anonymous

    I’d been wondering about this & am relieved I now know how to fix it!

  • Thanks for the info, Shelly!

    I’m still not quite sure how I feel about this change, but it’s nice to know how to fix it.

  • @Roopunzel

    I;m confused though – surely this then helps make sure that you see everyones posts, not that everyone definitely sees you?!?!!

  • Is this really new; I think that it always worked like this, but, perhaps they turned-up the dial on it. Anyways, editting your settings won’t help your posts make it into more news feeds; your friends will have to edit their settings for that.
    I like the new changes for business pages on fb… especially being able to navigate as my page instead of my personal profile. This is a great way to gain more exposure for one’s page.

  • Heather O

    Thanks SK!

  • Anonymous

    Some of us…and by some of us I mean me, would be lost without your helpful posts! Thank you!

  • It’s just plain ol’ rude of facebook to decide whose posts I can and can’t see! Just because I haven’t interacted with someone recently doesn’t mean that I never want to hear from them again! Thanks for bringing this to light.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for writing a post about this! I’ve shared a note on Facebook about it (after fixing my settings!), but obviously that’s only going to help the people who already see me!

  • Miablue322

    Thank you and I look forward to the fix on the business page – the new format is quite disastrous. It makes your business page look stale when the first post someone sees is from 3 days ago and newer posts are buried at the bottom. WHAT WAS FACEBOOK THINKING?!

  • Anonymous

    Sure thing. Glad to help!

  • Anonymous

    Annoying AND rude!

  • Anonymous

    Well, you help me keep my derriere in check. I consider us even.

  • Anonymous

    Sure thing, HO.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. And the only way to spread the word is by sharing the information in a variety of different ways so that people CAN know, and change their settings.

    I like the new FB biz pages, too.

  • Anonymous

    Correct. And hopefully, the message will eventually get circulated enough so that people know what to do and how to change their feeds.

  • Anonymous

    Sure thing, Bryce.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dean, you don’t HAVE any friends. #justsayin

  • Anonymous

    No one ever knows what Facebook is thinking … it’s part of their strategy!

  • Oh Facebook…once again I’m wondering, WHY? But thanks so much to you, Shelly for helping us navigate yet another FB change.

  • I remember hearing about this same issue a year ago and changed my settings then. Just now when I checked, mine is already set for “all friends and pages.” So maybe FB didn’t just now revert us all back to the other setting? Maybe a lot of folks just never changed it before? Who knows… but thanks for the very clear instructions, which I’ll share with others.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Shelly. Just shared on my FB page. You are quite the FB sleuth, love bug. I just noticed the photo “slide show” thingie that changed there yesterday and asked myself, “when did this happen?” LOL. I’m so clueless.


  • Marty

    This describes how I can show other people’s posts – thank for letting us know. But how do I make myself visible again to others?

  • Antonio Magnotti

    I just figured out how to do it on a “Page”. [hope no one has already figured it out] if you click on ‘most recent’ next to the news feed while on your ‘page’ [i dunno if you need to be working AS the page, or you can just do it if you’re an admin] there’s a drop down arrow next to it, click that and there should be ‘edit options’ at the bottom of the drop down menu. and go from there. both my pages were set to the ‘interact most with’…

  • Doug Pals

    I wonder if your Page is different than my Page. There is not Most Recent on my Page, so I can’t get to the areas you are talking about. I upgraded my Pages this AM. That could be a factor.

    I’ll be interested if others discover a ‘fix’ for this issue for Pages.

  • Your title is a bait-and-switch. I clicked this link thinking it would tell me how to make your updates visible to others, but this post is about how to make others’ updates visible to you. I feel like I have been purposely misled.

  • Marty

    I think her point is that if we all circulate this to our friends, they will then know how to unhide our posts – if they change their settings.

  • Marty

    The Most Recent only appears on personal profile pages – not business or Fan pages.

  • Mecaelam

    If you view the page as an admin, there is a “most recent” options, but I don’t see the “edit options” drop down that Antonio refers to.

  • Anonymous

    Rick, thanks for the kindness. It’s nice to meet you, too. And thanks, Marty, for the clarification to Rick – I appreciate it 🙂

    The point is that you can’t FORCE your updates to be visible to others. But you CAN try and educate people, so that they can make the changes themselves. Which is exactly what this post is intended to do.

    Have a terrific day!

  • Marty

    OK – I got it now. You have to sign in as your page, then click on your home page, then Most recent and there is a drop-down that has edit options. although I got an error and they are working on it message. Check it out at Marty Roberts Productions on FB.

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  • dj

    Can I ask why Facebook doesn’t let us know these things are going to happen beforehand, rather than after the fact!

  • dj

    Can I ask why Facebook doesn’t let us know these things are going to happen beforehand, rather than after the fact!

  • Rick, you could make yourself interesting enough that people would refer your content to their friends, who would be compelled to like you because of your awesome content. That initial interaction would put you toward the top of their “who you interact with list”, assuring you get seen.

    Start back at step one for repeated success.

  • Jonathand Mast

    I can still block my Farmville Mafia Cow Crip vs. Rooster Blood warrior playing friends apps from showing when I do this right! I hope when the Farmville fanatics jump off the barn someone has moved the hay!
    Thanks for the great post Shelly.

  • So in theory, if you change your settings and start seeing folks who have been “missing” lately-if you make comments on their posts, even if they haven’t changed their settings they should start seeing you again. . . because you will have had “recent” contact.

  • Ya but what about the people you’ve hidden from your feed? Do I have to do that all over again now too?

  • Nevermind, I answered my own question, it leaves the pages/people you’ve hidden from your feed intact sweet!

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  • actually this change went into affect an update last summer. When I fixed it then its still set that way now. But this shows how many people still don’t know so thanks for sharing it.

  • Sandrew

    THANK you!

  • BoucheDoree

    Hi guys, any news about professional pages?

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  • Mpf6288

    Fail. The reason this is being added is because of spamming marketeer and social media agencies abusing the news feed. Bravo facebook bravo

  • Mpf6288

    Fail. The reason this is being added is because of spamming marketeer and social media agencies abusing the news feed. Bravo facebook bravo