How to Get the Most Out of Your Company Facebook Page

How to Get the Most Out of Your Company Facebook Page

By: Shelly Kramer
March 30, 2011

Stop Talking About Yourself Tee Shirt, Courtesy of Dan ZarellaWe regularly work with clients to help them create and manage their company Facebook pages, so we pay a lot of attention to best practices.

Yesterday I sat through Dan Zarella’s HubSpot webinar on the Science of Timing. Dan shared a ton of great information and, once I have a chance to revisit the slide deck and my many notes, I’ll share more.

One of the questions Dan discussed in the webinar was weaving your content together. The specific question was: Should I tie my blog posts to my tweets to my Facebook updates?

Great question – and one that we are often asked as well.

While we are big fans of sharing blog content on Facebook and also using Twitter and LinkedIn to share content where applicable, we try to be constantly aware of not inundating our friends or our clients’ friends with too much information, too frequently.

And we are vehemently opposed to the all too common practice of blasting friends or followers in every social medium by auto-posting every piece of content you share on every social network. Yes, you know who you are. And that is about as attractive as the person who shows up to the face-to-face networking event and never stops talking about themselves. If you do this, quit it.

Back to Facebook and best practices for frequency of posting content to your branded corporate Facebook pages.

Dan shared that his research on Facebook best practices indicates that Facebook is a place where brands really need to be careful.  As you can see from this graphic, according to Dan’s research, best practices for posting updates to Facebook branded pages is not daily (which surprised me), but actually every other day.

Facebook Best Practices - Frequency of Posting

What do you think? Have you experimented with this at all? If so, we would love to hear your best practices and how, if at all, they might differ from Dan’s.

And, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll check Dan out, subscribe to his blog, and pay attention to what he says. He’s one smart dude. And the tee shirt used in the image above can be purchased on Dan’s website, too.

It’s a great reminder that best practices in any social media channel are never all about you. If you need to buy the shirt to remind yourself of that, I’m sure Dan won’t mind.

Images courtesy of Dan Zarella.
  • Alex

    Thank you for this. A great reminder.

  • In my experience, it also has to do with your brand’s personality. If you’re a chatty, social brand with a high level of chatty fans, that’s going to also dictate your Facebook Fan Page behavior. Pages showing over 250k likes are pushing major brand category and with widespread consumer appeal. I’d be interested in seeing data that applies to smaller businesses that will never in a million years have an audience of such magnitude. I have the webinar queued to listen to as well – Dan’s a gem and always puts out great info so I’m glad for you putting this back on my radar today.

  • Anonymous

    Like you, Erika, I’m not sure I agree – especially with regard to small biz. But I figure it’s certainly worth a try. As you know, “chatty” works for us :))

  • Anonymous

    de nada.

  • Most of your bullets also apply to fiction writing, but there might be some more that are required.