Content Marketing: Why Video Works

Content Marketing: Why Video Works

By: Shelly Kramer
April 5, 2011

People. Love. Video. Not yet sure you’re buying it? comScore’s video matrix, published December, 2010, reported that some 89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion videos. Not this year. Not this week. But today.

They’re going to watch 1.2 billion videos today.

comScore reports that there are some 180 million online video viewers every month, which is 85% of the entire Internet audience. That audience is viewing 36 billion videos monthly, viewing an average of 200 videos per person and spending approximately 13 hours a month doing it.

Not impressed yet?

How about this – more video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all 3 major US television networks produced in 60 years. And nearly 100% of online spenders are video viewers. Hmmm.

Google gives businesses 1.9 billion reasons to start integrating video into their marketing efforts – as that’s the number of viewing sessions generated on Google sites alone, with YouTube ranking as the top online video content portal, with some 145.8 million unique viewers.

Yahoo follows that with an impressive 61.8 million viewers. But the most impressive climb? You guessed it – Facebook.

Facebook’s dominance in the social media space and the ability for users to upload videos quickly and easily has pushed it into sixth position overall, with some 42.5 million viewers – and climbing.

Simply put, if you pair an engaging and interesting video piece with smart search engine strategies, like appropriate titles and keywords, you can seriously boost your Google juice. Research has shown that your brand is 53 times more likely to appear on page 1 of Google search results if you have video incorporated into your online marketing efforts. Whoa. 53 times more? If that doesn’t get your attention, we’re not sure what will.

Video can boost click-thru rates and compel action.

Research shows that when video is embedded in an e-newsletter, click-thru rates increase by 96%. Additionally, research suggests that consumers who view a product demo while shopping are 85% more likely to purchase. Already rethinking how you feel about video now, aren’t you?

Want to know more — watch this presentation by comScore’s Dan Piech at OMMA’s January 2011 event.

Video isn’t just for the big dogs anymore.

The reality is that you don’t even need a professional these days to produce good video content. Our friend, Steve Garfield is a video master and author of the book Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business. All you need is a camera, some decent lighting and the desire to get going. And picking up Steve’s book won’t hurt your chances for success either.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, thanks to companies like Pixability, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get video produced for your brand. They offer anything from a one-video package to a bundle of several types of promotional videos. With most of their packages, Pixability, also offers access to a software platform that helps you push the video out across social outlets and then track the performance of these videos. If you’re already have video they also offer to help refine your marketing plan to help you get campaign off the ground.

Bottom line — producing good video to use for marketing, brand awareness and community engagement is becoming much easier and affordable. It can even be free. And putting compelling video content out there can – and undoubtedly will – help drive more traffic to your site and gain exposure for your brand.

Remember though – just because you add video into your marketing mix doesn’t mean it will become the next viral hit on the interwebs. As with any marketing tools, be sure you have a good strategy in place so you can put the best foot forward for your brand on the web. And, as with any other part of your content marketing strategy, the importance of investing your time and energy in building a great community in the online space is something that should never be overlooked.

As an added benefit, scoot over and read this terrific post by my friend Geoff Livingston, called Why Content Marketing Fails. The biggest downfall of brands trying to use content marketing strategies is that they fail to understand one simple thing: Content marketing is about being human. And about telling stories. Video can help you do that. So can listening to Geoff’s advice.

If you’re not yet using video as part of your content marketing strategies, here’s hoping this information might cause you to reconsider.

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  • Anonymous

    Video makes a big difference for mobile, too. Great short 30-60 second videos can make a huge difference, and beats the heck out of a 20 para blog post on a smartphone. Good post!

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  • Here is why I love this. 1.2billion videos today. 8.333 Million will be viewed on Facebook. Think of that! 300 million log ins. 97% of people will not watch a video on Facebook. Not the place to have your video seen is it?

    Sorry had to get that dig in! I agree with your post Shelly. Video is powerful. It makes people who hate reading view a story! And most people hate reading. We like Passive. We want chips and a beer and have ‘reading’ pushed into our head via video. Great stuff!

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    Content marketing is very effective e-marketing technique. Content is powerful feature of internet. The posted article is really amazing.

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    Content marketing and video are associated with each other. Video content one part of content marketing which attract user. This is really great post.

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