Introducing the SocialFish Think Tank

Introducing the SocialFish Think Tank

By: Shelly Kramer
May 20, 2011

SocialFish's Think Tank

Showing is better than telling: and the folks at SocialFish aim to do just that. In fact, they aim to make your life a whole lot easier.

This is a guest post written by the lovely Maddie Grant, who’s not only a great friend, but who falls within the “Wicked Smart” category. When she’s got something going on, you want to be paying attention. I know I do. And when Maddie first told me about Think Tank, I immediately thought of a number of friends working in the association, foundation or nonprofit worlds who would not only benefit from a community like this – but who really need it. Methinks you might feel the same way. Without further ado, here’s Maddie ….

Introducing the SocialFish Think Tank. Are you a social media practitioner, social media manager or community manager working for an association, foundation or nonprofit?  Have you spent lots of time searching for resources online about particular social media challenges, and ended up having to modify everything because all of that stuff is geared towards the corporate world?

Yeah, us too.

We at SocialFish work with associations and nonprofits, helping them build the infrastructure and internal capacity necessary to be able to do the work of social media management.

We’re constantly working through issues like:

social media policies,

crisis communications workflow,

tools, tools, tools

how to measure influence,

how to become a social organization,

risk and social media,

social CRM and membership management,

…and lots more, all within the context of membership and nonprofit organizations.  And of course, like everyone working with social media, we’re learning as much from our community and our peers as they learn from us.

So we had the idea to build a knowledge hub – the Think Tank – where we keep all the great resources we’ve created and shared.  It is also a peer-to-peer network, where association and nonprofit people can ask questions of each other and get the answers they need.  What it is NOT is “yet another social network” – there’s no need to “friend” people, or to trawl through endless forums with the wind whistling through the canyons.  It’s 100% content-driven.

In addition to the resources we put into the Think Tank on a regular basis, we’re webcasting twice-monthly training modules on any number of social media topics. Here’s an example: Top Tips for Twitter Lists. We’re doing a monthly live webinar and chat, the archive of which is housed in the Think Tank. The inaugural one was on Selling Social CRM Inside Your Organization. In keeping with our philosophy that peer-to-peer learning is most important, these webinars are 25% presentation, 75% discussion with savvy practitioners and live participant chat.  So we’ll be working hard to continuously feed fresh content into the site. It’s $25/month to join, and we will make it worth every penny.

Work for an association or nonprofit?  Join your peers in the Think Tank.

Maddie Grant Maddie Grant, CAE, is the co-author of Open Community: a little book of big ideas for associations navigating the social web. As the Chief Social Media Strategist for the social media strategy consulting firm, SocialFish, Maddie helps associations large and small build capacity for using social media to achieve business results.