Tweet Via Email With SocialOomph

Tweet Via Email With SocialOomph

By: Katy Ryan Schamberger
July 7, 2011

Use SocialOomph For Social Media Accounts To Tweet By Email

Want a tip to make managing multiple profiles on a number of social networking sites easier? Excellent – read on.

If you’re working in social media and managing profiles on a number of social networking sites, for yourself or for your clients, it helps to have tools at your disposal so that you can schedule posts, actively monitor conversation and engagement and capitalize on handy-dandy shortcuts that save you time. In this business, we’re all about figuring out ways to be more efficient – and figure that you are, too.

SocialOomph is pretty cool a tool that you might want to check out. It offers a number of features such as scheduling tweets, tracking keywords, purging your DM inbox and creating an extended Twitter profile. Upgrade to the professional service and you can take advantage of a newer feature: the ability to tweet via email.

Fantastic, isn’t it? When you use SocialOomph’s upgraded service, the tweet is emailed from an approved source to an email account you own and is then posted as a social update to a specified account (or accounts.)

Plus, the tweets can then be tagged with author tags that you identify, an important feature if your company or client’s social media policy outlines authored tweets as a must-have. And this makes the tweet-via-email an ideal feature for companies that have a number of people who contribute to social media updates. Everyone is granted the same efficient access that will help encourage a steady stream of content to your Twitter feed.

If you’re worried about possible security issues, rest easy. Only authorized email addresses can submit social updates, so you won’t have to worry about random people running wild on your Twitter timeline (@FoxNewsPolitics, we’re looking at you!)

Do you use SocialOomph? Are you using the tweet-by-email feature? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback