I Got 99 Social Media Tools

I Got 99 Social Media Tools

By: Shelly Kramer
August 23, 2011
I Got 99 Problems -- Er Social Media Tools

I Got 99 Problems, Errrr, Social Media Tools

If you work in social media, PR or marketing, likely you already know of and use a bunch of social platforms and tools.

Most of us know the big dogs — platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., but there are a LOT of other social sites and tools out there that you might not know about. I know, it makes your head hurt just thinking about them – because the ones you do know about and use already take a bunch of time. Here’s the thing – you don’t have to use them all, but knowing about them – well, that sure can’t hurt.

Whether you need answers, monitoring, daily deals, podcasting platforms to explore or international social platforms, this Social Media Map created by the folks at Overdrive Interactive, contains some sites you might want to be aware of – at least today.

We discovered the list when it was featured on Erik Qualman’s blog. If you don’t know Erik, he’s the author of the book, Socialnomics, and a smart guy. If you’re looking for a great resource, for yourself or for your clients, I love his book and recommend it often. And, for the record, that’s an unsolicited testimonial and not an affiliate link – we recommend things we love, only because we love them.

Please know before you dive in that any list is only as complete as those who create it want it to be. And that’s no reflection on Overdrive, just a reality of list-making. And in every case there are just about always tools, platforms, services, etc., that are not included. We can already see a ton of monitoring tools not included, as well as some other holes, but overall, the list is a good one.

For a downloadable, clickable version of this map, get it at OverdriveInteractive.com/social-media-map.

And if you have thoughts on tools, platforms, etc., that weren’t included here, leave them in the comments section and tell us why you like them. We’ll crowdsource a new list and figure out some awesome prize for the person who suggests the best resource that we’ve not yet heard of.

Oh, and Katherine and Katy, I do know who Jay-Z is. Duuuuudes.

  • I don’t see EmpireAvenue.com on there. There are a ton of people who are using this site as a social network to communicate with each other, connect across social networks and share their content. This site is the biggest competitor to Klout.com for statistics, while being a social network in it’s own right.

  • Anonymous

    You’re absolutely right, Matt! I forgot about EAv. Good call!

  • This looks amazing. Thanks, I am going to save this as my screensaver, lol

  • Leo

    What about Q&A sites? (Quora,
    Yahoo! Answers, etc.) Or Storify, Chirpstory, Embedly, Regator, Trackur, video
    interview tool Wetoku, Badgeville, Flowtown, Pummelvision, Viewbix. But, in my
    opinion, the most overlooked social media tool of all is Animoto. Where’s my

  • Anonymous

    Leo, ya ding dong. There’s Social Q&A in the middle of the charg. But some of these aren’t on there. Why do you like Animoto? You’ve gotta do more than this to win a prize. Dammit.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! Glad you like.

  • Thanks for this, its great! 🙂 

  • I’m just on the way to look up Animoto lol 🙂  I overlooked that – thanks is my prize to you! 

  • Hi Shelly – thank you for posting the map!!! We got a ton of downloads!

    Harry Gold
    CEO, Overdrive Interactive