Why You Should Switch To Facebook Timeline Now

Why You Should Switch To Facebook Timeline Now

By: Katy Ryan Schamberger
December 21, 2011

Why you should enable facebook timeline nowNow that Facebook’s Timeline feature is publicly available, users have (unsurprisingly) been vocal about whether they love or hate the new interface. Yet whether you adore Timeline or are disgusted by it, the fact remains that you can willingly transition your profile now, or allow Facebook to automatically make the switch at a later date.

And why does that matter? Because proactively updating your profile gives you a chance to prune any embarrassing photos or posts from the site before they’re collated as part of the Timeline experience. Once you opt to transition to Timeline, Facebook gives you seven days to edit and customize your profile before the new look goes live. You can hide photos and stories that you don’t want included on the Timeline and can adjust the visibility settings of each component.

After all, the purpose of Timeline is “to tell your life story with a new kind of profile,” according to Facebook. Gone is the straight-shot profile that resembles Facebook’s News Feed. Instead, you can share and highlight your most memorable posts, photos and life events on your timeline, which is organized by month and year, in a way that more closely resembles a life story rather than a simple aggregation of activity.

Once you’ve switched to Timeline, feel free to channel your inner creativity to create a truly innovative design. We’ve seen some amazingly clever creations that make brilliant use of both the profile photo and the larger Timeline cover photo, which gives you a surprising amount of space with which to express yourself and help make that all-important first impression.

creative facebook timeline

We stumbled on Aly Moffatt’s hilarious approach (above) courtesy of Hongkiat.com, the staff of which was also kind enough to create a free Photoshop template that you can download and use to design your Timeline cover.

Once you’ve finished customizing your Timeline, we’d love to see the results. And in the meantime, what are your thoughts on Timeline? Has it changed how you feel about—or will use—Facebook? Or do you tend to roll with the punches when it comes to changes in the social space?

  • Even after reading the post on the Facebook blog, until I read this, I was wondering how this worked . . . “Once you opt to transition to Timeline, Facebook gives you seven days to
    edit and customize your profile before the new look goes live.”

    I didn’t know if it was just gonna happen and then I had the 7 days to gitty-up on it or hold my peace forever. I love the idea of being able to prune but what I like better is how they’ve seemed to make it easier to note who you want to see your stuff and who don’t.

    Don’t think it’s hit my profile yet. Thanks Shelly for reminding me to go check. 🙂

  • Ash

    You know what would have been better?  If Facebook rolled out something like a timeline for business pages, it’d would have made tremendous sense. What’s with the big cover photo and the fact that I was “born” — that’s ridiculous.  Well, on the outset it seems to look nice. But now, there’s too much to see on a profile page. Too much of information from left to right.  I am beginning to wonder if there is any need for this at all?  I am confused. 

  • Great comment, Ash. And you’re a mind-reader, too – we’re interested to see if/when Timelines roll out for business pages. As you said, it could bring some great new capabilities to those pages. As for the personal Timeline, I think it takes some getting used to, but I’m a fan. To me, it feels like a more meaningful way to organize/display what you share on Facebook.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Lewis! Agreed – it’s nice that you have the ability to adjust the settings on different elements so that you can control who sees what. For some reason, the Timeline feels more personal to me, even though it’s aggregating the same information that already existed on your Facebook page — and for that reason, I’m a fan of the adjustable privacy settings.

  • I switched as soon as I could. Love the way you can backdate stuff to more accurately reflect the events (such as pics you posted a month afterward). Timeline for Business or community pages would be great.

  • Katy,

    I’m can be a bonehead at moments. I’m indulging in the awesomeness that is Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” and I guess my mind sees a vague similarity in Shelly’s lil profile pic here and Tina. I’m going to blame the “Tina high” that I was on for me blasting through YOUR wonderful hard work, not noticing “Katy” in big ass letters at the top of the post and giving Shelly the cred.

    My bad.

    Thanks Katy for reminding me to curb my Tina enthusiasm and take a sec to make a note of who’s enlightening me. 🙂

  • Indeed, this is the key factor! . . “Once you opt to transition to Timeline, Facebook gives you seven days to
    edit and customize your profile before the new look goes live.”

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  • I made the switch. At first I didn’t like it. But now I love it. I try never to complain about things I get for free. It’s bad form.

  • Anonymous

    I am the same way, Lee!! And I love it.

  • Tami Sanders

    I really like it. I think that people are complaining just because as always change is just hard for some people.

  • Anonymous

    You are correct, Tami. People loathe change. I happen to be just nerdy enough to love it!

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  • Je-any123

    me like it is better than it was before *___*

  • After opting transition to facebook Timeline, Facebook gives you only seven days to
    edit and customize your profile before the new look goes live. after that you can’t change. i am also going to timeline and searching how to get time line

  • Nina

    I currently don’t like timeline.  It is confusing to read when I visit friend’s pages.  But like all the changes before, I’m sure I will get used to it.  Either that or give up FB altogether.  Who knows, I might come to like it.

  • Anonymous

    I think if you hang in there, you’ll soon love it. I know I do! Change is hard. I’m fortunate in that for some odd reason, I love change. But I very much respect the fact that others aren’t as crazy as I am. Bottom line, we’d best get used to it because this is but one of many, many changes I’m sure FB will be and will continue to make :))

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  • Shafeeqrish