YouTube Unveils New Analytics

YouTube Unveils New Analytics

By: Katy Ryan Schamberger
December 1, 2011

New YouTube AnalyticsYouTube’s new Analytics offer users a wealth of statistical information. There’s no denying that video content is powerful—in fact, YouTube is ranked the world’s second largest search engine. And although users have always been able to monitor who’s watching videos and where they’re from, more detailed analytical information has been lacking—until now.

According to YouTube’s blog, features of Analytics will include:

*An overview: View all of the pertinent stats you need, with easy access to more detailed information.

*Detailed reports: By compiling more detailed statistics, you’ll be able to better understand your content and audience.

*Audience builders: See which videos drive the most views and subscriptions.

*Audience retention: With the new audience retention report, you’ll be able to see how long viewers watch through your video.

Plus, you’ll have access to other information such as audience demographics, top playback locations and top traffic sources. As written in a YouTube Analytics infographic, the detailed statistics are meant to produce a variety of outcomes.

“The simpler design helps you find and understand the information that you care about most. Moreover, you can now compare more metrics than ever to help you build bigger audiences, engage with them, earn more money and make better content.”

This is an exciting development for YouTube users, as well as those who have yet to tap into the power of the video giant. If you work in or use social media, you already know that stats are important to help monitor the effectiveness of your content, presence and engagement. And for those like us who work with clients, stats and analytics provide critical data with which we can illustrate the success of a digital marketing strategy.

Speaking of client reports, that’s another brilliant component of YouTube Analytics –with the click of a mouse, you can download a report straight to your desktop that gives a robust overview of your video channel.

Give Analytics a try and let us know what you think!