Facebook Pages Manager App Reportedly Coming to iPhone

Facebook Pages Manager App Reportedly Coming to iPhone

By: Shelly Kramer
May 17, 2012

Facebook's new pages manager appIf you manage Facebook brand pages, you’ll want to know about the Facebook Pages Manager app that’s reportedly on the way for iPhone users.

We don’t know a ton about the Facebook Pages Manager app because it’s not yet been released, but knowing that it’s on the way makes us happy. We manage a lot of Facebook pages—and anything that makes that process more effective is a welcome addition. You’re nodding right now, aren’t you?

As you probably know, although you can somewhat manage pages in Facebook’s current mobile app, we’ll be the first to say that the functionality, well, it sucks. The standalone Pages Manager app will give admins more options and control when it comes to posting content to, monitoring and interacting with their pages. That kind of functionality, well, it doesn’t suck.

Additionally, the app will provide access to your Facebook Insights so that you can keep track of how many people are sharing your page and the number of people that have been exposed to your page. You’ll also get notifications regarding new activity on the page and will be able to respond and comment on your page.

For a sneak peek, check out a couple of screenshots posted by 9to5Mac:

Facebook Pages Manager app

Facebook Pages Manager app screenshot

The Pages Manager app is now available in New Zealand, and is expected to be available for U.S. users in the near future. That’s where they’re also testing the ability to buy visibility for your Facebook status updates. Doesn’t it make you wonder what’s up with those Kiwis? Clearly they must be nicer and easier to work with than the rest of us.

We’re looking forward to full release of the Facebook Pages Manager App and once we can give it a test drive, we’ll write more about it.  To our way of thinking, this move on the part of Facebook makes great sense. It’s no secret that Facebook is all about the mobile experience and this is just one move closer to making that more user friendly.

Image by ksayer1 via Creative Commons

  • I can’t wait for this. The current feature is SO buggy, it’s not funny. Neither of my Pages even show up in my iPhone menu, and yes, I’ve tried every workaround. The first time they disappeared (from the menu) I contacted FB via “Help,” and though I never heard back, they reappeared. This time I haven’t even contacted them… I kinda feel like, “What’s the point?!”