How To Change Your Facebook Page’s Vanity URL

How To Change Your Facebook Page’s Vanity URL

By: Shelly Kramer
July 9, 2012

Facebook premium advertisingNeed to change your Facebook page vanity URL? Thanks to a Facebook change, it’s now possible to revise your Facebook page’s web address.

Previously, page admins were unable to change their page’s vanity URLs once the address was specified and confirmed. Now, however, you can make a change—here’s how:

Go to your Facebook page and click Edit Page > Update Info.

Click Change Username under Username. Enter your new username. Facebook will check the availability, and once it’s confirmed, your new vanity URL will appear.

Of course, since we’re talking about Facebook, there are a couple of strings attached. You can only change your username once, so edit wisely!

Changing Facebook username

Also, according to Social Media Today, fans will not be redirected from the old vanity URL. If your current URL is heavily and widely publicized, you may want to do some planning before you make the switch.

If you want to change the actual username of the page (the name that appears in bold at the top of your page), not just the vanity URL, and your page has more than 200 fans, you need to submit a request for change through Facebook. To do that, go to Edit Page > Update Info and, next to Name, click Request Change.

And even though your page’s actual username hasn’t been changed, just the vanity URL, keep in mind that people won’t be able to find you using your old URL username. For example, if your page’s vanity URL was and you changed it to, people can no longer find you by typing City Shoes. If you opt to make a switch, you’ll likely want to launch some sort of informational campaign to let your audience know how they can find you.

Lead image via Business Insider