Facebook Releases New Post-Targeting Tool

Facebook Releases New Post-Targeting Tool

By: Shelly Kramer
August 8, 2012

Facebook post targeting featureA new Facebook tool allows page admins to publish content to certain groups of fans defined by several different parameters. And, in true Facebook keep ‘em waiting style, the new post-targeting tool isn’t universally available; instead it’s gradually being rolled out to Facebook page admins.

Prior to the release of this tool, admins had limited post-targeting capabilities that allowed them to specify content based on language and location (country, state and city).

Now, however, page admins will have access to a full set of targeting characteristics that include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interested in
  • Relationship status
  • Education
  • College grad—college name, major
  • In college—college name, major, years
  • In high school
  • Workplace

We tend to view Facebook changes with a slightly skeptical eye, but have to admit we’re excited about the possibilities to more specifically tailor Facebook content to relevant users.

Let’s say you own a company that offers internships for college students, for example. Instead of publishing the information to your entire user base, you could create specifically targeted messages to those fans who are in college. Or maybe you own a retail business. Perhaps you have a product that’s better suited for your younger Facebook audience, but you also have an upcoming promotion that you feel will be relevant to older consumers.

By using Facebook’s new post-targeting functionality, you’ll be able to deliver content to a more detailed sub-section of your user base, creating a more relevant content campaign that not only delivers a tailored experience to your audience, but is more likely to increase your page engagement, too.

All targeted content will still publish to your Facebook page, so those who visit your page directly will be able to see a complete history of your status updates. The targeting feature will determine what shows up in a particular user’s News Feed.

Keep an eye out for a small target symbol at the bottom of the Facebook status window, in between the clock and the location marker. If you don’t yet have the functionality available, sit tight—it should soon be an option.

Anyone given the new tool a test drive? What targeting characteristics do you think will be most relevant for your Facebook audience? Do you like this idea or think it stinks? We’d love to know.

Image by Bogdan Suditu via Creative Commons

  • Thanks for the info Shelly! I wasn’t aware of this, good to know! I’m thinking that the Age and probably Workplace characteristics would help. I won’t be completely sold until I have a chance to try it out, but definitely excited about the possibilities as well.

  • Am I the only one thinking this sounds like Google’s Circles?

  • ShellyKramer

    No. You are not :))

  • Hootie fron Hoot

    What is a facebook?

  • [email protected]:disqus it sounds a bit like Circles, but you can’t actively manage them. (Notably, an actual functional way to manage them in Google+ is still sorely lacking as well). 

    What I mean is, you can target something to people that are highly engaged, who are new customers or who are influencers. It is facebook’s segmentation, not your own.

    Overall, I think it will be a very good improvement, however it is still a far cry from the potential FB (and G+) potentially hold to bring CRM-like functionality onto their platforms. When that happens and the email providers jump into the fray (since they have the history in managing segments and messages against them) or others develop similar functionality, I believe this will get really interesting.

    My $0.02. Shelly, keep up the good coverage!

  • The plot thickens. That’s a very powerful tool eventually. But I’d like to see different targeting characteristics. Actually, I’d like to define my own and mix them up because the end-result would be more unique & customized to my needs.

  • Suthnautr

    While useful it’s also limiting in that everything is a radio button either/or choice. In college OR college grad not not both for instance, and people can be in college at any age.

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