Instagram Photos No Longer Visible On Twitter

Instagram Photos No Longer Visible On Twitter

By: Shelly Kramer
December 10, 2012

instagram photos not visible on twitterIf you’re an Instagram fan who loves sharing photos to your Twitter stream, be prepared to be disappointed. As of last week, Instagram photos no longer appear on Twitter—instead, if you click on an Instagram link in a tweet, you’ll see a white space and a link to the web version of the photo.

The news doesn’t come entirely as a surprise and was expected by many on the heels of Instagram’s decision last week to turn off support for Twitter Card functionality. “Basically, you would no longer see the full images; rather, you’d see a cropped version,” according to TechCrunch.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom addressed the change at Le Web and said it was done, in large part, to drive more traffic to Instagram’s recently revamped web presence.

“Systrom also mentioned at the event that eventually, photos would be completely gone from Twitter streams, so perhaps this is the reason why users aren’t seeing their photos in Twitter anymore,” writes Leena Rao.

That being said, Systrom also added that Instagram would always offer some level of integration with Twitter—but the minimal approach unveiled today is likely less than what Instagram users expected.

As big Instagram fans (both for ourselves and for our clients), we’re definitely annoyed by the change—the ability to easily share Instagram photos on Twitter was a convenient way to share photos with a larger audience and build an Instagram account’s visibility. Yet when you factor in Facebook’s purchase of Instagram and the photo-sharing app’s enhanced website, it makes sense that Instagram would minimize integration with other sites—especially on the heels of news that Twitter might be incorporating photo filters into the platform.

I love seeing my friends’ Instagram photos wherever I happen to be, so this made me a teensy bit sad. What’s your take? An easily foreseen change that’s not a big deal or a loss of integration that makes Instagram a little less valuable?

Image via MovieFanatic

  • JEFF

    Maybe their focus should be more on the spam accounts that are RUINING the entire site and making me want to get rid of Instagram completely.

  • I was also saddened. And while it is smart in the short term, I don’t know that it was WISE.

    Losing the convenience means to me that I just won’t be using Instagram as much So FB loses a point of touch it has with me when I use whatever new toy I find to post sunsets to Twitter. Twitter loses nothing until they do something dumb to piss me off.

  • ShellyKramer

    That pisses me off, too, Jeff!

  • There is an IFTTT solution which gets around this problem and I am told works quite well – Here is the link

  • ShellyKramer

    Thank you, Abdallah. You’re awesome :))

  • nhowe911

    a little contradictory…says twitter is doing away with photos then later says twitter is adding photo filters to it’s platform. Which is it?

  • You are most welcome. I have not tried it but would be interested in knowing if it works.

  • ShellyKramer


    Nice to see you. And happy to answer your question. The post mentions that Instagram quit feeding its photos to Twitter and also that now Twitter is likely developing its own set of filter options. Ergo, people will still be able to take and modify photos using filters, and they can do it all using Twitter instead of using Instagram and feeding their images to Twitter.
    Hope that helps clear up your confusion.

  • ShellyKramer

    Just set it up, so I’ll know soon enough!!! What’s your Twitter handle, btw?

  • IT is @abdallahalhakim

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  • To me this could really push me towards doing all my Photo-sharing through Path. I was Android user with PicPlz forever so I was never totally invested in Instagram. I’ve set up my IFTTT but maybe just dump Instagram and see what new service will take its place.

  • Great explanation. So is there (or I’m sure will there) be some app that will allow a user to push to both?

  • ShellyKramer

    Yes. Read the post published the very next day on IFTTT that includes a recipe on how to do just that!

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