App for Social Good: Loving Chocolate, Saving Kids

App for Social Good: Loving Chocolate, Saving Kids

By: Shelly Kramer
February 14, 2013

chocofinder appNow that Valentine’s Day is here, you’re probably headed out to purchase chocolates for your loved ones…and maybe a couple for yourself, too (don’t worry—we won’t judge you!). Before you head to your favorite chocolate destination, consider making your purchase with the ChocoFinder app—not only will you buy a sweet treat, you’ll also help someone you don’t even know.

The beauty of ChocoFinder is that it ensures your chocolate-y confections are made from Fair Trade cocoa beans. What’s the big deal about Fair Trade? Millions of children around the globe work in cocoa fields for unfair wages and in dire working conditions—makes that chocolate seem a lot less appetizing, doesn’t it? By supporting Fair Trade, you can help put an end to unjust trade practices by supporting chocolatiers who use ethically obtained cocoa beans.

ChocoFinder, the brainchild of filmmaker Lalita Krishna, makes it easier than ever to find guilt-free chocolate in your area by simply entering your location and choosing from a list of shops.  Once you’ve purchased your Fair Trade chocolates you can rate your experience and share you input with other conscious-minded chocoholics.

Did we mention that this app is free and that there are also some perks to caring about the welfare of others? Not only will your chocolate purchase help encourage the ethical production of cocoa beans, but you can also score a free chocolate when you present your ChocoFinder app in-store. Who doesn’t like free treats?

The app is available for download on iTunes now. One caveat? The current shop listings are only in Canada, which means our neighbors to the north get first dibs. More locations will be added, however, as the app moves through the testing process, so go ahead, download it and consider yourself an early adopter.

Want more ChocoFinder details? Follow the app team on Twitter for updates. And in the meantime, you can feel free to send us chocolate for introducing you to such a nifty tool. You’re feeling generous, right?

Image via ChocoFinder

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  • Hey there Shelly,

    Thank you so much for sharing (client) ChocoFinder’s app and background. Until Hessie and I started working on the project, I never even knew about the child labour situation because of the West’s love of chocolate – such an important cause, and your support and sharing here really means a lot, thank you.

    And Happy Valentine’s Day, wankette. 😉 x

  • Hopefully something like this for coffee isn’t too far behind – regardless, app downloaded and gonna have to use it.

  • ShellyKramer

    Happy to help, DB. I only recently learned of this as well. Now, where are my doggone flowers?

  • They’re coming by pigeon carrier (it’s a Scottish thing) – ping me if they’re not there by a week on Tuesday.

  • Cheers, Mark, and happy to pass on any feedback you have for Lalita and team!

  • ShellyKramer

    You know you’ll go straight to hell for lying. Right?

  • You don’t believe in my pigeon?

  • The website looks awesome, and I hope Android comes next.