Local Social Is Core to Multi-Unit Business Success [Case Study]

Local Social Is Core to Multi-Unit Business Success [Case Study]

By: Guest
February 6, 2013

local social and multi-business successFor multi-unit businesses, the largest social channel issue is communication among the local employees responsible for creating and managing their location’s social voice. Wouldn’t it be helpful if these employees could find out with one click how other restaurants in your chain were doing with their social channels? What if you could share your content plan with another employee across the country who you’ve never met? What if you could see all of your company’s restaurants’ performance metrics and rank your location against others in social? Sounds too good to be true, right?! Well, you can. With Expion.

Expion’s Social Media Management System (SMMS) enables brand level community managers to share content to local social channels or deliver best practices internally to empower local employees with top performing content. Our platform enables users in real-time to collaborate within our tool on what content is working and what content needs improvement. The kicker? You can also see how your competition is doing. Expion helps community managers share social intelligence between employees regardless of where they are located. Even if there is a language barrier, content suggestions can be translated and used in other countries.

key to multi-business success


Our platform helps our client, a national restaurant chain, poll over 1,500 of their Facebook Pages. These Pages are managed by over 5,000 employees (from brand level community managers down to assistant restaurant managers). Our software aggregates all Page post performance stats so they can be viewed cumulatively or individually via various key performance indicators in automated dashboard reports. All 5,000 users can access and share reports creating different data slices depending on their focused metrics. Our SMMS provides real-time, useful social channel insights that users from various business locations, prior to using Expion, hadn’t had access to.

Now don’t get us wrong…we know 5,000 local employees are NOT necessarily social media experts; however, local employees know that they are tracked and ranked on performance in every other aspect of their jobs. By simplifying the report to an easily digestable format, it tells a story quickly and shows them what social content works and what doesn’t. This “big view” is a core element to successful enterprise crowdsourcing and motivation to improve locally. No one wants to see they are in last place!

OK, so how does this case study relate to you and your local social strategy? Expion has expertise in social scaling from 10 – 5,000+ users to crowdsource your brand’s best social. Skeptical? We understand. Check out the brands (from Fortune 500s to global agencies) that choose to partner with us. Interested in learning more about local social content marketing and management for your company with a “big view” share focus on enterprise metrics? It’s easy, just schedule a live, custom demo of Expion’s Social Media Management System (SMMS).

erica mcclennyErica McClenny is the Vice President of Client Services at Expion, a social media management system company that helps businesses connect with customers through engagement. Her passion lies in educating executives about the functions and nuances of social media channels, while collaborating with marketing and IT departments to build successful strategies. Follow her @ericamcclenny or learn more about Expion SMMS solutions at www.expion.com.


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