Key Takeaways from Expion’s Real Time Marketing Talk at SXSW

Key Takeaways from Expion’s Real Time Marketing Talk at SXSW

By: Guest
April 11, 2013

real time marketing strategyAt SXSW last month, Albert Chou, Expion’s Chief Innovation Officer, set the stage for the “The Power of Microcontent Marketing in the Moment” panel with his talk, “What is Real Time Marketing?” Here’s Albert’s presentation and we’ve included three key takeaways with recap slides so you can examine your own digital marketing strategy and spot opportunities to incorporate real time messaging and tactics.

Three Key Takeaways:

Real Time Marketing Moments Don’t Just Happen

Brands need to follow a content marketing process in order to meet their business objectives. Expion has created the following real time marketing process that aligns with our Marketing Insights Technology platform.

expion marketing insights technology

It’s an eight-step, cyclic process that is continuous and ever-evolving:

1) Flow: Identify all relevant activity streams

2) Integrate: Connect all streams with common topology

3) Find: Search for topical conversations

4) Influence: Determine the importance of the conversation

5) Relevancy: Is the conversation important to the brand

6) Alert: Notify the right marketer to engage

7) Frame: Provide a snapshot brief of the conversation underway

8) Engage: Brand engages with relevant content at the right moment

During the panel, Bonin Bough, Mondelez International’s VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, and Steve Doan, Oreo’s Senior Associate Brand Manager, walked through how Oreo leveraged this process for their 100 Day Twist It campaign and how it prepped them for their Super Bowl activities.

The Next Stage of Content Marketing Is Empowering Your Employees to Share Your Brand Stories with Their Personal Social Media Networks

employee social sharing

Expion has created a browser-based application, Social Advocator, that helps organizations to quickly get the brand stories they want shared in the hands of their employees. With a click of the mouse, employees can send their personal social networks brand-related news and stories. Super simple.

In This Era of Big Data, We Have Multiple Streams, Ever-Changing Inputs and Various Business Drivers

era of big data

Expion believes organizations must constantly fine-tune their data filtering to have the optimal signal-to-noise ratio for each brand’s business metrics.

Interested in learning more about Expion’s Marketing Insights Technology? It’s easy – request a personalized, live demo.

zena weistZena Weist is the Vice President of Strategy at Expion. She is an integrated media strategist with over 17 years of executive leadership in online marketing on both the agency and brand side, providing digital communications and social media strategic counsel across a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies. Zena has led award-winning interactive teams at Edelman, H&R Block, Sprint, Hallmark and Embarq, providing leadership in online brand engagement, digital strategy, and integrated marketing communications. When her fingers aren’t on the keyboard, Zena is playing with her family of four active kids plus one adorable husband or trying to sneak in a run.

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  • Wow. Loved this Zena. I’m still digesting it, a lot of great content here. Your Social Advocator browser app looks really helpful, remind me to ask you about it. My favorite part might be that “real time marketing moments don’t just happen.” I think a lot of marketers (and companies alike) get caught up in the “well it will just happen.” No, it’s created.

  • Great point, Ryan. RTM is definitely a process that takes commitment, time, resources, analysis, creativity and – most importantly – big ears from the brand.

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