Real Time Marketing: What’s Next

Real Time Marketing: What’s Next

By: Guest
May 28, 2013

what's next real time marketingAt SXSW in March, Expion hosted “The Power of Microcontent Marketing in the Moment” panel moderated by David Teicher, Associate Editor, Ad Age, with panelists: Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelez International; Steve Doan, Senior Associate Brand Manager, Oreo (a Mondelez International brand), Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder, VaynerMedia; David Berkowitz, VP, Emerging Media, 360i; and our very own Albert Chou, Chief Innovation Officer, Expion. We’re condensing the one and a half hour panel video into 1-3 minute snippets on the panelists’ thoughts about Real Time Marketing.

The first Real Time Marketing Series video highlights engagement. Watch the second segment below, where David Armano, Managing Director with Edelman Digital, Chicago, asked the panel to discuss what’s next:

Big shout out to Armano for getting the panel even more riled up then they were! Between Gary, Bonin, Armano, Berky and Al, here are the key takeaways:

  • With these command centers through social listening and data mining, brands are gathering how consumers are really using products, what words they are using, how they are consuming the product and what their experience is. It’s the first real “in the moment,” continuous research that is taking unaided awareness into account 24/7. Brands can learn what product attributes aren’t getting across and brands can shift their marketing message to address gaps. Also, brands are analyzing the product conversation to see new product development opportunities.
  • The news analogy is goodness – Real Time Marketing is like breaking news. This panel is talking about just one small segment of marketing – and even still just a portion of content marketing. The overall topic is content warfare. With any type of warfare you need to go in with a strategy. We really are talking about a subset of the overarching social business direction of organizations. All these social business directives roll up to company objectives and finding measurable solutions for brand problems.
  • The race is on for the brand side and the tech side partnering together. The brand side needs storytellers nimble enough to pivot in real time and the tech side – folks like Expion – needs to get the right data to the storytellers to help share the content that meet their objectives and resonate with the target consumer in real time. And that really isn’t “Real Time Marketing,” it’s just marketing.

Like what you see? Stay tuned, the next Real Time Marketing Series snippet will cover media integration and ROI.

Zena Weist is the Vice President of Strategy at Expion. She is an integrated media strategist with over 17 years of executive leadership in online marketing on both the agency and brand side, providing digital communications and social media strategic counsel across a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies. Zena has led award-winning interactive teams at Edelman, H&R Block, Sprint, Hallmark and Embarq, providing leadership in online brand engagement, digital strategy, and integrated marketing communications. When her fingers aren’t on the keyboard, Zena is playing with her family of four active kids plus one adorable husband or trying to sneak in a run.

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