Tools for Creating Images for Content and Social Media

Tools for Creating Images for Content and Social Media

September 15, 2016
As a marketer, using the right tools to do your job most effectively can make a world of difference. And when it comes to your social team and the content shared in social channels it’s important ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

12 Twitter Lists Every B2B Marketer Needs

August 10, 2016
The concise, informal nature of Twitter makes it arguably the easiest social media platform for building a large following. That's both a strength and a drawback for B2B marketers. It's great to ... Read More
Tom Pick

Video Taste Test: Vine vs. Instagram

March 4, 2014
With Vine recently celebrating its first birthday since launching in January 2013, and Instagram rolling out its video feature last June, the social video market has grown just past its infancy into ... Read More
Andrea Cook

SEO and Instagram: How to Maximize Your Impact

December 10, 2013
We wrote a recent article on how to best optimize images on Instagram for better impact  Optimizing Images on Instagram for Better Impact, and one of our readers asked for more information about the ... Read More
Misty McPadden

Facebook Metrics: What To Know And What To Measure

October 28, 2013
You probably know by now that I’m a huge data freak. And using tools that track your data—whether for your website, blog, or your social media channels, is important. And when it comes to ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

6 Twitter Tools for B2B Marketers to Use Now

September 30, 2013
Whether you’re sharing content, conversing with others, building your network, tracking key hashtags or search terms, it’s likely that Twitter has become an integral part of your social and ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

The 3% Conference: What, Where and Why You Should Not Miss It

September 19, 2013
The 3% Conference started as a passion project to highlight a huge business opportunity in advertising--the importance of more female creative directors to brands and agencies’ ability to connect ... Read More

Twitter Makes Connecting With Influencers More Difficult

September 17, 2013
One of the things we’ve always liked best about Twitter is that there are no barriers to interaction. If you want to follow and interact with someone, be they celebrity, influencer or average Joe, ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Livefyre Joins Storify To Create Leading Curation Company

September 13, 2013
Content curation is, without question, a key component of any effective content marketing strategy. Thus the news of Livefyre, a suite of real time apps for publishers, joining forces with brand ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Google Alerts RSS Feeds Are Back: How To Add To Feedolu

September 11, 2013
If you’ve been mourning the lack of Google Alerts RSS feeds, we’ve got news. Not only are Google Alerts RSS feeds back—if you’re experimenting with Feedolu as your new and totally ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Why You Should Check Out Feedolu ASAP

September 6, 2013
I’ve been waiting for Feedolu, a RSS feed reader that will blow your mind, for months and it’s now open for public beta. Feedolu uses advanced feed reading technology and combines that with ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

7 Deadly Pinterest Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

August 20, 2013
If you’re using Pinterest for business, you’re likely interested in doing it in a manner that produces the best results. Are you thinking about how you can entice others to repin your images, how ... Read More

LinkedIn Launches University Pages

August 19, 2013
LinkedIn has long sought the college market and the launching of LinkedIn University Pages is a move that’s not surprising. The obvious reason is that LinkedIn is less valuable to a relatively ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

LinkedIn To Launch Sponsored Posts

July 9, 2013
LinkedIn’s evolution into content-rich professional networking platform is expected to continue with the introduction of sponsored posts, a new feature that gives individuals and companies a chance ... Read More
Katy Ryan Schamberger

We Need You: Help Us Find The Best Google Reader Alternative

June 17, 2013
Those who love to subscribe to blogs via RSS have been voicing their discontent with Google Reader’s impending July 1, 2013 demise. And although there have been a number of posts from around the ... Read More
Michelle Mangen

Facebook Encourages Admins To Promote Engaging Posts

June 13, 2013
The latest development in Facebook’s ongoing quest for higher revenue? A new feature for page admins that highlights their most engaging posts, which is designed to encourage admins to purchase ... Read More
Katy Ryan Schamberger

Use PostRocket To Reach More Facebook Fans

June 3, 2013
When it comes to Facebook, if there’s anything better than more fans, it’s more engagement with your existing fans. Whether you think there’s some subterfuge by Facebook to force you to buy ... Read More
Katy Ryan Schamberger

LinkedIn Channels: Deepening User Connections to Content

May 13, 2013
LinkedIn’s content experience continues to evolve with the launch of LinkedIn Channels, a content discovery feature that lets people stay up-to-date with the industry-related topics that matter ... Read More
Katy Ryan Schamberger

Salesforce Enables Social Ads With Newly Launched

May 1, 2013
Not satisfied with being a major player in the CRM space, Salesforce announced the launch of, a platform that essentially enables real time, optimized placement of social ads. Described by ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Google Tool Determines Data Use After Death

April 29, 2013
Thanks to social networks, email, electronic records and other technological tools, a lot of people have left quite the digital trail, some of which likely contains sensitive information. The big ... Read More
Katy Ryan Schamberger