Common Sense

The most important thing we bring to the table for our clients is good, old-fashioned common sense.

We help our clients understand that change is a given and everything is governed by that principle. As such, any marketing strategy has to be to constantly learn, grow, listen, change, engage, anticipate, adjust and adapt. We are masters at that process and help our clients navigate the waters of change as seamlessly as possible.

Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t a fad, it is here to stay. A study in January of 2009 showed Facebook to be one of the most used social networks in the world. If Facebook were a country, it would be the 4th largest country in the world. And more than 1.5 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook daily. This includes blogs, links, videos, images, news stories, etc. Imagine how many of your customers and prospective customers you might find there.

Today’s employers find prospective employees via LinkedIn over traditional methods – filling upwards of 80% of positions via the professional networking site. Classified advertising is becoming obsolete thanks to free sites like Craigslist and it’s no secret that newspapers and magazines are dying at an alarming rate, due to the wide availability of online news and information. Telephone books (another mainstay of traditional advertising) and landline phones are going the way of the dinosaur due to the explosive use of mobile phones and mobile apps. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and Wikipedia, which has almost completely and totally negated the need for encyclopedias, has over 13 million articles. And Twitter users grew from 19.8 million in January of 2009 to 93.7 million by November of 2009.

Have we managed to convince you that social media should be a core element of your integrated marketing efforts?

Here’s more – according to a report published in August of 2009 by eMarketer <> some 59% of brand marketers used social media in some capacity, with that number poised to swell to almost total saturation in the coming year. What are the ramifications to you and your business if you ignore this fast moving trend?

We can help you create the right image in the social media realm, help you understand which of the mediums might be right for you and your business, train you to establish a presence for you and your brand in the various social media realms and help you engage in the business of social media marketing yourself or help you do it on a day-to-day basis.

Today, the places that might make sense for our clients to have a presence depends on the specific businesses that they are in. Those places might include a blog, a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Viddler, or a myriad of others. Tomorrow, that will all change. We’ll be there first – and so will our clients.

We speak to groups and organizations about social media marketing, work one-on-one with individuals and businesses who want to learn more and integrate it into their marketing efforts, provide training sessions for individuals and groups and act as a resource and mentor throughout the communities we serve in the social media realm.


According to Technorati and Wikipedia, there are over 200,000,000 blogs and more than 50% of bloggers post new content on a blog or Facebook, or on Twitter daily.

That matters. And it matters a lot. These days, consumers trust word of mouth recommendations from trusted friends more than they do advertisements and they typically care more about what their friends think about products than how Google ranks them. Universal McCann’s Social Media Research Wave 3 report, looked at Internet users in over 20 countries, and determined that social media can and does matter. According to the study, social media can have a dramatic impact on your brand’s reputation. “34% (of bloggers) post opinions about products and brands on their blog and 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs.”

According to Nielsen in its July 2009 Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey <> 90% of people trusted recommendations from people they know, while 70% trusted consumer opinions online. In short, consumers rely heavily on word of mouth marketing and trust people that they know in real life as well as people they know by virtue of their online experiences.

Bottom line, if it makes sense for you and your business, you should be blogging. We design blogs, help devise and implement blogging strategies, work with our clients on a regular basis developing topics and blogging schedules, provide proofreading and editing services for our clients when desired and provide search engine optimization strategies to ensure the best results. We also provide ghostwriting services where needed.


YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world and some 25% of Americans in the past month said they watched a short video – on their phone. Some According to a 2009 Study

done by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachussets Dartmouth, some 55% of the Fortune 500 companies surveyed report that they are very familiar with online video and 35% intend to adopt video into their social media marketing efforts. This shows how critical social media is viewed as an integral part of marketing efforts, and how relevant that video is as a part of that equation.

Here are some mind-blowing stats:

By mid-2009, online video usage was reportedly up approximately 53% over the preceding year. Some 20 hours of video are uploaded per minute to YouTube. According to YouTube, this is the equivalent of Hollywood releasing over 86,000 new full-length movies into theaters each week. Wow!

That means for every second in time, about 33 minutes of video make it to YouTube, and that for any given day 28,800 hours of video are uploaded in total. And given the fact that the majority of us are walking around with smartphones equipped with video capabilities and recording (and uploading) everything in sight, those numbers are certainly going to do nothing but rise – and quickly.

Statistics also show that many actually prefer viewing video rather than reading content, so often, views and click-throughs on video blogs are higher than on traditional blogs.

Assuming that we’ve now convinced you that vlogging is important and a rapidly growing medium, know that we can assist you with your video blogging (vlogging) efforts and help you integrate vlogging into your overall integrated marketing strategy. We design vlogs, help devise and implement vlogging strategies, work with our clients on a regular basis developing topics and vlogging schedules, provide content development and editing services for our clients when desired and provide search engine optimization strategies to ensure the best results.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is yet another tool that we integrate into our clients’ marketing mix. It provides a creative way to expand marketing strategy and reach and is measurable in a way that many forms of traditional advertising are not.

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing segments there is and people are scrambling to understand consumer behavior as it relates to mobile usage, and harness it as part of their integrated marketing efforts.

Not for profits are using mobile effectively for fundraising, local restaurants and coffee shops are using mobile to send coupons, information about events and specials and seeing their business grow dramatically as a result. Schools use mobile technology to notify parents when their kids aren’t in school.

Mobile marketing is affordable, immediate, personal and targeted to specific consumer groups. We can help you understand how to best use mobile marketing as a part of your integrated marketing efforts and, as a result, see a dramatic increase on the bottom line.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing can often be an integral part of your integrated marketing efforts. Email marketing can help you connect with your clients and prospective clients, share news and information on a regular basis, provide links to your website or blog for additional engagement, information, etc., and overall be a great tool if used properly.

We design, develop, write and implement email marketing campaigns and integrate them into our clients’ marketing strategy. We also provide statistics as to the overall success of email campaigns, including click throughs, opt-outs, etc. that allow us the ability to monitor and measure the effectiveness of our efforts.

Creation of Buzz & Awareness

We are well known for our ability to craft and engage in grass roots marketing and other word of mouth marketing (WOMM) efforts and reach customers in non-traditional, engaging and innovative ways. We’re able to do what even the smallest of traditional advertising agencies either can’t or won’t do – and that is to reach out and touch customers in very hands-on ways. And we get results. We helped a little company called Chipotle launch its killer burritos back when they were virtually unknown outside of the City of Denver. And we did it without any traditional advertising – all our efforts were grass roots, guerilla-style marketing and, well, it worked. We’ve done the same thing for lots of other clients and we’ll do it for you, too. Nobody gets buzz and awareness like we do.

Traditional Advertising Campaigns

People talk about traditional advertising – things like print, broadcast and other media as if it’s going by the wayside. It’s not going anywhere and is still very effective for lots of people and lots of brands. As mentioned before, integrated marketing means having what it takes to effectively take traditional marketing and advertising, combine it with online marketing and rounding it all off with all that’s involved in social media marketing. Traditional advertising is still a critical component of most strategic marketing plans, and we do that very, very well.


We’ve helped launch lots of brands. Our clients have included entrepreneurs with big dreams, as well as small to mid-sized companies with innovative products or services. We understand the business of branding and have proven new product launch experience, which includes both B2B and B2C products. We’ve worked extensively in retail, consumable products for the grocery and specialty markets and restaurant concepts, to name just a few. Equally as important, we have the minds of salespeople and a myriad of sales experience, so we can help our clients understand how to most effectively develop their sales strategies and convert leads to sales.

Brand development and management are critical parts of every strategic marketing plan. We know how to help clients find the essence of their respective brands and how to help position them for success.


Whether you need a website designed, a new logo and identity package, a direct mail piece or a brochure, we’ve got the ability to help you figure out the right tools to meet your objectives and a design team that’s second to none. Some of the things we do include:

Website evaluation

Website design and copywriting services

Blog integration into websites

Logo and Identity Design

Collateral materials (business cards, stationary, brochures, direct mail pieces, catalogs, etc.)

Print, radio and TV campaigns

Augmented reality campaigns