Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media and Social media marketing aren’t just fads, they are here to stay. A study in January of 2009 showed Facebook to be one of the most used social networks in the world. If Facebook were a country, it would be the 4th largest country in the world. And more than 1.5 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook daily. This includes blogs, links, videos, images, news stories, etc. Imagine how many of your customers and prospective customers you might find there.

Today’s employers find prospective employees via LinkedIn over traditional methods – filling upwards of 80% of positions via the professional networking site. Classified advertising is becoming obsolete thanks to free sites like Craigslist and it’s no secret that newspapers and magazines are dying at an alarming rate, due to the wide availability of online news and information. Telephone books (another mainstay of traditional advertising) and landline phones are going the way of the dinosaur due to the explosive use of mobile phones and mobile apps. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and Wikipedia, which has almost completely and totally negated the need for encyclopedias, has over 13 million articles. And Twitter users grew from 19.8 million in January of 2009 to 93.7 million by November of 2009.

Have we managed to convince you that social media and social media marketing should be a core element of your integrated marketing efforts?

Here’s more – according to a report published in August of 2009 by eMarketer some 59% of brand marketers used social media in some capacity, with that number poised to swell to almost total saturation in the coming year. What are the ramifications to you and your business if you ignore this fast moving trend?

We can help you create the right image in the social media realm, help you understand which of the mediums might be right for you and your business, train you to establish a presence for you and your brand in the various social media realms and help you engage in the business of social media marketing yourself or help you do it on a day-to-day basis.

Today, the places that might make sense for our clients to have a presence depends on the specific businesses that they are in. Those places might include a blog, a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Viddler, or a myriad of others. Tomorrow, that will all change. We’ll be there first – and so will our clients.

We speak to groups and organizations about social media marketing, work one-on-one with individuals and businesses who want to learn more and integrate it into their marketing efforts, provide training sessions for individuals and groups and act as a resource and mentor throughout the communities we serve in the social media realm.

V3 is a Integrated Marketing and Social Media Marketing agency based in Kansas City, MO.