We don’t want you just getting by. Rather, we endeavor to make our clients experts in what it takes to succeed in marketing today: Things like lead generation, content, social media, and user experience, as well as the alignment of your marketing team with sales, customer service, and R&D.

The perfect marketing strategy connects marketing with the entire organization, breaking down the traditional silos to which we’re all so accustomed. Instead, your teams work together to deliver a great customer experience, the first time, and every time.

The clients who have worked with V3Broadsuite understand how success in business today is predicated on just one thing: Customer satisfaction. Focusing on creating a great customer experience in everything you do helps you attract prospects, convert them to customers, serve them well, and turn them into passionate brand ambassadors.

Our mix of training covers myriad topics, including the basics and beyond. They can be on site, through presentations or hands-on workshops, or offsite via webinar — whatever best suits your needs.

Some of our most popular training sessions include:

B2B Marketing Overview

While marketing is not a one size fits all affair, for B2B companies there is definitely a common end goal — applying your efforts to drive conversions of high value customers. This means less focus on inflated reach and vanity metrics and more investment in 1:1 engagement. We teach your team how to get this done. We call it the “B2B Playbook,” and we can put our playbook to work for your organization.

LinkedIn for Business Development

For B2B and SMB organizations looking to develop new business, there may be no channel more powerful than LinkedIn. While many people think it is just a site for recruiters, we help unlock the magic of this professional platform. We work with your team to help develop the right kind of LinkedIn profiles, and teach the importance of status updates and other participation on the platform. In addition, your marketing team will understand how to use the site as part of your social media community building efforts, and your sales and marketing teams will learn how to target, prospect, and open new doors using LinkedIn.

Social Selling Best Practices

Perhaps you have heard the term, but what is Social Selling really? Our team has developed a nine-step approach that allows us to turn any sales professional with Internet access and a laptop into a powerful user of social media as a selling tool.