How to Win at Cross-Channel Marketing [Study]

Keeping Data Safe in the Cloud is Every IT Team’s Goal

June 29, 2015
Here’s something that I hear all the time and I’m sure you do as well: “The future of business is cloud technology.” A decade ago, the pundits and prognosticators who uttered these words may ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Things You Need To Know This Week – June 27, 2015

June 28, 2015
It’s safe to say that the recent ruling by the Supreme Court on marriage equality trumps pretty much all other news of the week. Truly a momentous decision, which will be life-altering for so many ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

How to Win at Cross-Channel Marketing [Study]

June 26, 2015
Never before have marketers had so much data available to them about the habits of consumers. Never before though have they struggled so much to make connected and meaningful sense of this treasure ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

An Open Letter to Taylor Swift from Photographers

June 25, 2015
You’re famous for singing “haters gonna hate, hate, hate,” but to borrow from another of your lyrics, “fakers gonna fake, fake, fake.” While it’s commendable that you show compassion for ... Read More

The Big Risks of Big Data Mining

June 24, 2015
“Every step you take, I’ll be watching you” - when Sting wrote those lyrics back in the ’80's he most certainly wasn’t thinking about digital data collection. But whether we realize it or ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

The State of Video Advertising and the Role Facebook Plays

June 23, 2015
As the consumption of video continues to skyrocket across the leading social media platforms—especially on Facebook, where they’re clocking 4 billion views a day, four times where they were just ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Things You Need To Know This Week – June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015
With the latest tragedy hitting the news this week, the horrible shooting of churchgoers in South Carolina, to be honest, I’m not even sure how to start this post. One thing I can say, though, is ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Technical Skills Essential for Digital Marketers of the Future [Survey]

June 19, 2015
Marketing has changed, and marketers of the future will need to add a technological skill set to their creative talents if they want to take advantage of the opportunities digital marketing ... Read More
Lindsay Bell

The Mistakes Digital Marketers Make and How to Fix Them

June 16, 2015
Digital marketing is a mix of intuition, hard work and a willingness to listen to what is being said about your brand. If these points are not given the right amount of attention at the right time, ... Read More
Dan Newman

The Four C’s of Twitter [Or What the Heck is TACO PIP?]

June 15, 2015
My wife has been tasked with creating and maintaining a Twitter account for her elementary school classroom, so she turned to me and said, “What do I do.” First, let’s be clear, my wife is ... Read More

The Rise of Employee Advocacy in the Digital Business Landscape [Webinar]

Employee advocacy. Lots of people talk about it. But do they really understand what it is, and just how dramatically it can help their businesses? I would guess that in many cases, the answer is ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Things You Need To Know This Week – June 13, 2015

June 14, 2015
Well, you know summer has arrived when all you hear about is conference after conference after conference. Apple’s  conference revealed what many of the advanced rumors were already ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

The Psychology of the Web Searcher

June 12, 2015
“Real search is about providing valuable information when it’s really needed to those who are actually looking for it.”  ― David Amerland Analytics are fundamental when it comes to ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

CIO Perceptions Misaligned with Their Business Peers (Study)

June 11, 2015
Ever since computers were first introduced into commerce back in the 1950s, the role of the IT leader has been evolving. It didn’t take long before the digital revolution placed technology at the ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

How Social Are Marketers? [Survey]

June 10, 2015
You might expect the average marketer to generate a storm of social activity, but how do they compare with the average social media user? That was the question the Association of National Advertisers ... Read More
Lindsay Bell

Want to Design a Killer eCommerce Website: Use Shopping Funnels

June 8, 2015
Every business with an online presence—and let’s face it, that’s the vast majority these days—wants to have an ecommerce website that makes an impression and, more importantly, compels a ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Things You Need To Know This Week – June 6, 2015

June 6, 2015
June’s here (how did that happen?) and the technology news just keeps on coming. Google recently hosted its annual I/O conference in San Francisco and one of the more interesting announcements from ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Cloud and the Revolutionization of Business

June 4, 2015
I spend a fair amount of time thinking about, writing about technology and how it’s changing the world of business. I’m guessing that you do, too, whether you’re in marketing, sales or IT – ... Read More
Shelly Kramer

Can Big Data Steer Us Wrong?

June 2, 2015
We talk incessantly about the importance of big data to drive better business decisions and outcomes. Marketers, managers, business owners, thought leaders – just about everyone is spending ... Read More
Dan Newman

Will Digital Healthcare Technology Kill the Independent Physician?

June 1, 2015
Modern healthcare is at a tipping point. The use of technology in our health sector, backed up by incentives to implement digital solutions, is increasing rapidly—driven not only by a need to ... Read More
Shelly Kramer
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