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Why V3

V3 is a full service, integrated marketing agency. That means we do all things related to traditional marketing, advertising, online presence (websites, blogs) design (logos, collateral materials, traditional ad campaigns) and all forms of social media community building and marketing. But, unlike many others out there, we do it in a way that makes sense. And we don’t make promises that we can’t keep.

V3 stands for three things: Vision, Voice and Value. We combine our knowledge, experience and collective talents to articulate our clients’ vision and help them develop a strategic integrated marketing plan and accomplish their goals. We use our knowledge of both traditional and new media tactics to help develop a voice for our clients and their brands, in both the offline and online worlds. And at regular intervals, we ensure value by monitoring and utilizing measurement tactics to assess and evaluate the return on investment of our clients’ marketing dollars.

Integrated marketing means taking traditional, one-way marketing tactics like PR, Search Engines, Advertising and Mobile Marketing, combining it with a Website that really works for you and finish it off with the Social element, which means listening to what customers and prospective customers are saying about you and your brand, engaging with them and putting a face and a personality to your brand. When you put all these elements together, that’s what’s called integrated marketing, and that’s what we do best. And the other thing that makes us different from other agencies is that our results are measurable. We provide our clients with a solid ROI on the investment of their marketing dollars.

Lots of people talk about advertising, social media, direct mail, mobile marketing and often forget that all those elements are just tools. At V3 tools are not our focus, solutions are. Each job, each client objective, each project requires a different set of tools. The ultimate success that we consistently bring to each of our clients is a result of starting with a well-defined strategic marketing plan, utilizing integrated marketing tactics and using an appropriate set of tools to ensure that our clients reach the people they need to reach and compel them to action. Period. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to marketing and the secret is to go where your customers are. Our strengths are in strategic thinking, planning, branding and integrated marketing strategies. In real person’s lingo that means we crawl inside your head and understand your business in a way that even you might not. We help you identify your target audience and we come up with amazingly creative and intelligent ways to reach them. We identify problems and fix them. Sometimes we keep them from happening at all. Oh, and did we mention effective? Well, that’s the key. The stuff we do works.


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